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  How2work was founded in 2001 with the passion and expertise in creation of high quality figures and collectibles. We act as the design catalyst and specialize in transforming images to 3D products. Recently, we also took part in the exhibition curation, which includes the design, production and installation of large size fiberglass figures.

Through the years, How2work collaborated with artists around the world to extend the creative synergy across boundaries. Some of the projects feature reputable artists such as Jimmy SPA 12 (action figurines, Jimmy SPA capsule toys), Nara Yoshitomo ("Sleepless Night Sitting", "Project Doggy Radio") and Santa Inoue (12" action figurine, capsule toy, vinyl toy). Other figure collection includes Smurf, Le Petit Prince and Moomin.

We are dedicated to design work of the highest caliber, with utmost attention to detail and client satisfaction.

How2work成立於2001年,對設計玩具獨有的觸覺及熱愛,善於把平面作品立體化、及加入潮流元素,把不同Artists的作品帶到設計玩具及精品市場上。 近年開始參與大型展覽設計及製作玻璃纖維雕塑。

多年來開發及籌劃不同的潮流Figures,作品包括:台灣幾米作品的12” Action Figures及扭蛋系列,日本奈良美智的作品“Sleepless Night Sitting”、”PROJECT DOGGY RADIO”,井上三太的作品 “Tokyo Tribe 2”的12” Action Figures、扭蛋系列及搪膠公仔。 其他的Figure系列包括: 藍精靈(Smurf)、小王子(Le Petit Prince), 姆明(Moomin)等等。



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